Grandhall Techniques

Traditional grilling

The traditional outdoor kitchens has traditional burners and flame tamers to distribute the heat evenly throughout the outdoor kitchen and tbenefito protect the burner against fat drips. Both direct and indirect cooking is possible. The disadvantage of a flame tamer is that you need more gas to heat the grill. So the gas consumption is therefore higher than at Crossray or Integrill technology.

If you love the great outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. A Grandhall outdoor kitchen allows you to stir fry, roast, fry, grill, and braise, and you can stay outdoors with your guests rather than being stuck indoors cooking.

Integrill technology

The design of the grid means no fat can fall directly onto the burner. Outdoor kitchens featuring IntegrillTM technology have no flame-tamers, as a result of which heat loss can be avoided and cooking is even more efficient
No flare-ups No heat loss Even heat distribution 15% more efficient

What is Crossray

The Grand Hall patented Crossray® burner system is changing the way we grill. This revolutionary technique employs two or four vertically mounted infrared burners providing a completely uniform cooking surface. The infrared heat penetrates the food and seals in the moisture. It cooks with the intensity of charcoal but with the convenience of gas – and without the food-blackening fl are-ups. Crossray® is simply a better, faster and more energy-efficient way to grill. Exclusively available at Grand Hall.
A traditional gas barbecue has hot spots and cool spots depending on where the tube burners are beneath the grill plates. With Crossray® technology the infrared rays have been positioned so the infrared heat evenly covers the entire cooking surface. Therefore the Crossray® has even heat over the grill plates with less chance of heat variance.

Benefits of Crossray infrared technology
Powerful patented infrared burner technology

  • Infrared cooks evenly and quicker with better
  • cooking (jucier) results
  • 40% more efficient and less CO² emission
  • There is a BBQ flavourizing bar, such of flame tamer
  • inside the grill which give it a BBQ flavour.
  • 100% infrared heat

Efficient gas usage & hotter
With traditional gas barbecues the tube burners require a large amount of oxygen for air combustion. When the burners are ignited, they suck in oxygen from outside the firebox through many ventilation holes. This lowers the inside temperature making the burners less efficient. However, Crossray® uses surface combustion burners so there is no open flame within the firebox. Surface combustion burners require less secondary airflow to burn efficiently. Therefore the firebox has less ventilation (nearly completely sealed). Since there is only a small amount of ventilation in the firebox, there isn’t the possibility of heat escaping creating a hotter firebox and a more efficient barbecue. We have calculated that the Crossray® uses 25% less gas than a traditional barbecue to produce the same heat. But because most consumers would enjoy a hotter barbecue, we increase the gas flow to achieve a hotter cooking surface.

Patented system
Grand Hall has international patents on the angle and location of the infrared burners within the firebox. Patents include:

  • US Patent No.: 7475632
  • Europe Patent Pending
  • Australia Patent No.: 2006100635
  • Germany Patent No.: 202006012212.5
  • France Patent No.: 0607231
  • UK Patent No.: GB2440714
  • China Patent No.: 960361