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Protection of personal data

To be able to deliver the product you ordered, we need some information from you. We use this information to be able to tell our delivery staff where your package must be delivered. We also use your personal data in our customer service. If you want to use our customer service, we have your specified data and associated orders. This way we can answer your questions at lightning speed.

We understand very well that you care about your personal data. That is why we will never sell or give away your data to third parties.

Of course you want to be sure that the data entered by you will only be received by our systems. To guarantee this, your data is sent from your computer via a secure connection to our systems. This allows you to be sure that criminals will not run away with your data. To also keep your data on our systems safe, your data is only stored in the Netherlands on our own secure systems.

What information do we want from you?
First and last name We would like to know who you are so that we know who the package is for
Address details Makes delivery of your package a bit easier.
Telephone number So that we can contact you by telephone should there be a problem.
Email address We use your email to send the order information / newsletter or to handle questions via customer service.
Payment details

To successfully place an order you will be redirected to the secure banking environment to be able to pay.


Cookie policy

We uses different types of cookies to offer a better user experience. Thanks to cookies it is possible not having to enter data every time. Makes visiting our webshop just that little bit easier.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, telephone or tablet as soon as you visit our website. A cookie contains some information about your previous website visit. When you visit the website next time, the website may use the cookie to retrieve some information from your previous visit. For instance information what was in your shopping cart last time, but was not yet checked out. Some cookies also contain information from your last login. Thanks to the cookie, you do not have to log in every time you visit the website.

Accepting cookies

To make visiting our site easy, cookies are automatically accepted as soon as you visit and use our site. So you don't have to do anything to make use of our site optimally.

Delete or disable cookies

If you want to delete our cookies, or prefer not to use cookies, this is possible. Use the manuals below to disable or to delete cookies:

Which cookies do we use?

Cookie name Properties
Frontend Frontend Cookie which stores temporary information about your session (website visit). Thanks to this cookie, certain data does not have to be entered again each time.
__utma Cookie which keeps track of how often you have visited the site so that we can get a good overview of the number of visitors.
__utmb Cookie for keeping track of whether you are a new visitor with a new session.
__utmc Cookie which cooperates with __utmb
__ utmz Cookie which keeps track of how you got to the site. (e.g. via search engine or direct link)