About Grandhall Barbecues

Grandhall has a long and successful history in the outdoor cooking industry. Since 1976 Grandhall is well recognised as one of the largest gas grill manufacturers in the world and is a recognised supplier of various international brands.

Here in Europe, we are following the Australian trend and spending greater leisure time outdoors while barbecuing. Grandhall has an excellent line of high-quality barbecues for a good price. We listen carefully to our customers and always try to lift our barbecues to a higher level.

As a brand, Grandhall is trusted for its quality fit, stylish finish and innovative features. Most importantly every product we build is designed to ignite your passion for outdoor living.


  • + 1976 • Grandhall established
  • + 1993 • Focus Lifestyle R&D established in Australia
  • + 2005 • Grandhall Europe established in The Netherlands
  • + 2005 • Grandhall brand launched at Spoga
  • + 2007 • Cooperation with Porsche Design Studio
  • + 2008 • Introduction Crossray® infrared technology at Spoga
  • + 2011 • Grandhall UK Ltd established in Coventry
  • + 2012 • Introduction IntegrillTM Technology
  • + 2013 • Introduction cleaning and smoking concept